8a Certification Guide

Dear business owner(s),

jeffcRI’m Jeff Cazeau with DBE Direct. For years now, I’ve been helping business owners just like you obtain government contracts with federal, state and local government entities. I’ve written this Free, No-Obligation 8(a) certification guide in order to help business owners like you better understand the SBA’s 8(a) certification program. The guide is based on my experience as a government contracts attorney who specializes in preparing 8(a) Applications and defending applicants when their applications are denied for one reason or the other.

You should read this guide BEFORE you pay any money to an 8(a) consultant and BEFORE you send your application to the SBA! If you are not sure whether your company qualifies for the 8(a) certification, you definitely need this guide now.

Order Your 8a Certification Guide Today and Learn:

  • What Is The SBA 8(a) Business Development Program
  • Get An Overview Of The 8(a) Application Process
  • 16 Items That Will Cause The SBA To Automatically Deny Your Application
  • What To Do If Your Application Is Denied
  • 11 Popular Myths About The 8(a) Certification Program
  • Checklist: Questions To Ask Your 8(a) Certification Consultant
  • Why Choosing The Wrong Service Provider Can Cost You
  • How Long Does It Take To Get Certified
  • What To Do If Your Business Is Less Than Two Years Old